NASH CUP Squash Tournament PSA Qualification Draw

Squash tournament qualification draws are a standard part of the PSA tournament format. It’s like the opening rounds of a PGA golf tournament…but only the top 4 players will make the cut and qualify for the main draw. There are 16 participants in the men’s qualification draw and 8 in the women’s, 4 of each are local entries. PSA  matches for men and women begin Monday September 19th at 4pm. Those who win their first qualification round match receive PSA ranking points and prize money. In many cases below you can click on the player’s name, or visit for more information.  


Men’s Qualifiers

Draw Order Player Country Ranking Seeding
Q 1 Christopher Andre France 104 1
Q 2 Michael McCue Canada 110 2
Q 3 Douglas Kempsell Scotland 114 3
Q 4 Daniel Poleshchuk Israel 117 4
Q 5 Ashley Davies England 129 5
Q 6 David Baillargeon Canada 134 6
Q 7 Cameron Stafford Cayman Islands 148 7
Q 8 Anthony Graham England 159 8
Q 9 Micah Franklin Bermuda 161
Q 10 Sam Gould USA 165
Q 11 Diego Gobbi Brazil 183
Q 12 Thomas King Canada 231
Q 13 Kale Wilson Trinidad 192 Local
Q 14 Elliot Selby England 208 Local
Q 15 David Mill Canada  462 Local
Q 16 Stefan Houbtchev Canada Local



Women’s Qualifiers

Draw Order Player Country Ranking Seeding
Q 1 Colette Sultana Malta 129 1
Q 2 Nicole Bunyan Canada 133 2
Q 3 Anna Kimberley England 134 3
Q 4 Nicole Garon Canada Local 4
Q 5 Holly Delavigne Canada Local Local
Q 6 Laura Savage Canada Local Local
Q 7 Paula Jenkins Canada Local Local
Q 8 Arden McKillop Canada Local Local

*Names in bold have advanced to the Main Draw.

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